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63km Bärenfels Ultratrail at Neubrücke/Nahe, Germany

If you have a look to the entry statistics of the Bärenfels Ultratrail, to see that there are more and more runners. In the first year there were 20 male and one female runner, which ran the 3x20km. Today there are around 250 runners, starting for the Half-Marathon, the Marathon or the 63km Ultratrail. Most of the runners switched during the race to one of the shorter distances. Also this year there was a new course for the runners. The course crossed an isotope. There the runners would get wet feet. Followed by a very sandy and steep hill. Both were very dependent at the view of the own. But that does not mean that the course should be underestimated. An altitude meter of one runner showed 1700m altitude at the 63km. There was almost no flat part at the course. Most of the time there was a slight or a steep uphill. The few downhills were mostly very steep. So runners had to be very careful and slow. As a big highlight there was a runner from Kenya, which finished the Marathon in 3:48 even though he had a fall. Also the winner of the Ultratrail, which also won two years ago, ran a fantastic race.

The start was, because of the amount of runners, 45 minutes late. The hot temperature caused an additional stress for all the runners. Around 3pm there was coming up more and more clouds and some short showers. Because of the humidity it became more and more sticky. The award ceremony, which was accelerated to 6pm, was at dry weather and very familiar.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Exner Daniel 4:59:41 1 Dr. Raubuch Juliane 6:57:00
2 Koch Rainer 5:27:36 2 Eschelbach Iris 7:05:13
3 Rieger Frank 5:56:42 3 Kullnick Ulrike 7:34:48

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