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60km Euerbach, Germany

After twenty years this nice and familiar event was organised for the last time. In the end only one runner, finished all 60km races here in Euerbach. It was my team college Walter Zimmermann. Even most of the runner knew that it was organised for the last time, there was only a small group of runners at the start. As a small present there was a weizen bear glass with a print of the 60km race and a T-Shirt.

When I entered the school, where the race took place, (many of my friends were already eating breakfast) there was sitting already the first friends and had breakfast. After I entered the race, I accompanied them, had breakfast and made some small talks about news around running. At 7:30am there was a short welcome speech held by the organisator and the head of the city, followed by the start. Against the course, five years ago, the course was changed. Because of the highway the loop was shorter. There was a short entry loop, followed by eleven loops with three aid stations. They were called by nick names Gazastreifen, Klagemauer and Golanhöhen. There was also an aid station at the start and finishing area. Similar to the years before there was also a partner run. Two runners ran together. One runner after the other a loop till they finished the 60km.

Because of the hot weather and the few parts of shadow, many runners did not finish the race. After the race there was coffee and cake for the runners until the award ceremony. Because it was very late there were not many runners left.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Baunach Michael 4:21:29 1 Stöppler Simone 5:04:20
2 Wiedermann Hubertus 4:30:27 2 Heer Alexandra 5:58:19
3 Koch Rainer 4:31:06 3 Heinlein Marika 6:01:35

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