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Phunt Run Fatt Ass 50 K at Fair Hill, Maryland USA (01/07/2006)

Against last weekend there where much more people entered for the race. Around 30 runners where meeting at the parking lot at the Fair Hill Park. There was a small pavilion and a table build up at the boarder of the parking. At the table where some entry forms and course maps placed. The course was one big loop. There was not every 5K an aid stations, like the last week. Also there where much more hills than last week. So it was more technical. Already before the race people told, that the signing of the course it not very good. Last year many people got lost. Against last year the weather was dry. But it was much colder than last week in Dover. Today nobody ran in shorts. It had around 23F and most runners wear gloves.

After I ran the first 25km with Dave and Alex they slowed down. I decided to continue by myself. After I checked my clock I knew, it would be a time around 3:45. I thought that, till I figured out, that I did one loop a second time. To make sure and don't get lost again, I took out the course map. It seems, that I did additional 8km. When I arrived at the finish, Dave and Alex waited for me. They where wondering, where I was, when they finished. They told me, that also Alex got lost. He left Dave after I left them and he ran around 0.5km in wrong direction. When he came back he met Dave a again and they decided to stay together. So the reconstructive thing was, that I was not the only lost one.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 Barth Alex 4:13 1 La Fontaine Sue Ellen 6:53
Bursler Dave Simmens Mellissa
3 Koch Rainer 4:23 3 Kendell Vickie 6:??

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