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46km Voralpenmarathon German championship in cross- and countryrunning in Kempten, Germany

It was called Voralpenmarathon, but because of the German championships the lenght of the course was changed to 46km, to get an ultradistance. The once arrived on Saturday, had the choice, against a small payment, to sleep at the mass accomodation down at the city. Because the event was placed at the ComboMare, there was a shuttle bus between the accomodation, the train station and the ComboMare. There was no pasta party the night before. Therefore there was a coupon to have pasta after the race at the ComboMare. Although there was T-shirt for all finishers.

The 2/3-marathon runners and the "marathon"-runners started at the same time. Sunday morning at 9am there was the start. The 2/3-marathon runners made a short cut at Eschach (km 16) and came back to the ultramarathon course at km 34. So some of the runners where surprised, when  they passed after 30km again some slow runners. The technical demanding course was very beautiful at the sunny and warm autumn day. From beginning on the leading group and the relay runners where moving fast away. The tendency of the first 20km was mainly uphill. When I got on the retoure part at km 22, the leaders where coming back. At the small loop there was the second step uphill. Starting there people figured out if they started to fast. After the loop the tendency of the course, without to small up hills, was down hill to Kempten. At km 44 rummers saw the first time the ComboMare, but there was another small loop around the block till they got into the finishing line.

At the finish the runners got their finisher medalle and the finisher shirt. At the finish area there was a lot of drinks and snacks for refreshment. The award ceremony was at 4pm, so everyone could finish easily.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Velten Sascha 3:13:08 1 Weber Anneliese 3:49:14
2 Stork Christian 3:17:33 2 Alter Julia 3:49:29
3 Stephan Frank 3:20:14 3 Ott Gerti 3:50:16
6 Koch Rainer 3:28:52  

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