Reports 2006


German championship Marathon in München, Germany

Saturday afternoon we arrived at the München Olympia stadium, after a drive without any traffic jam. In front of the old bicycle sports hall there were plenty of parking slots, where we parked the car over night. At the marathon fair there was not really a lot of news. There were plenty of exhibitors, which presented their race, and vendors, which sold running equipment and energy drinks and snacks. We picked up our entry information, which was deposited at the Würzburg marathon stand by our team colleges. Thereafter we went to our accommodations. In the evening we, our team colleges and I, met to have dinner together at a Greece restaurant.

Sunday morning at 10am, the München Marathon started in front of the bicycle sports hall. There were three starting blocks. One for the German championships, which started 5 minutes earlier. And two divided among  the rest of the runners based on different finishing times. Because there was no money paidto the top runners to start, there were no top runners from home and abroad. The winning time was speculated at about 2:20-2:25 hours. The course was flat and a typical street race, from the view of a countryside runner.     ( I don’t understand this next sentence)  Runners, which planed to run best times, consider the light up and down hills and the part through the Englischen Garten as slowing down.    In the end the runners ran in the Olympia stadium the last meters, before they finished on a pedestal. At the finish there were plenty of stands with dried fruits, yogurt, milk, non-alcoholic wheat beer… to get strength back.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Körner Dr. Matthias 2:21:55 1 Siewert Carmen 2:47:22
2 Büttner Philipp 2:25:13 2 Stengel Andrea 2:48:52
3 Schwarzbach Dirk 2:25:37 3 Holljesiefken Anke 2:48:47
53 Koch Rainer 2:40:42  

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