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Winter Buckeye Trail Fun Run 50 K in Peninsula, Ohio USA (01/28/2006)

Because Ohio is approximately 430 Miles away, I had to leave directly after work. I arrived at around 1:30am at Peninsula. At this time there was no sign of a race. The parking lot was empty. I decided to sleep a few hours at the car. At around 5am the first runners arrived. More and more runners arrived and the parking lot filled up quickly. Also at the starting hall there was light. When I picked up my start number, I heard that around 100 runners signed in. Of cause not all of them signed in for the 50K race. Most of them signed in for the half Marathon or the Marathon. We were also warned, while we where signing in, that the course was very slippery and muddy. Last year there where 12" snow and this year we had 2" mud. The course had two different loops, which formed an eight. The start war located at the center. First we had to run the 5 Mile loop. After that an 8 Mile loop. After that the half Marathon runners finished their duty. The Marathon- and 50 K runners had to do the loops a second time. Now also the Marathon runners finished their duty. The rest of the runners had to do another time the 5 Mile loop. During the race a lot of runners decided to run one of the shorter distances, because the conditions of the ground was to bad. The weather was mildness and dry. But the ground was getting worse every loop. Even the ground was in such a bad shape, the course was pretty. The small loop turned around an waterfall. Up at one side, crossing a bridge over the waterfall and back down on the other side. To get back on the right side, we had to cross the steam. Therefore we had to balance over a few stones. Right now people still where happy, because they have not get wet feet. At the big loop there was no way to keep the feet dry. The big loop wasn't really a loop. It was one way with a turn around point. Now we had to pass a flat stream. Also there where some bridges out of trees, we had to cross. So you should be able to hold your balance. Even the concentration falls after more and more miles and the bridge gets more and more slippery. So not a race for street runners. After the race there was chili and snacks for all the runners.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 Koch Rainer 4:39 1 Roche-Wallace Kathryn 6:01
2 Ross Ron 5:15 Hughes Melissa
3 Harris Jim 5:24 3 Barnes Rita 7:20

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