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100km German Championship at Hanau/Rodenbach, Germany (04/30/2006)

If people hear Rodenbach, most of them think about Harry Arnth and 100km. Harry Arnth was one of the persons in charge of the first 100km German Championships organized 20 years ago at Rodenbach. The course was called one of the fastest in Germany. It is not astonishing, that a lot of people ran 50 and 100km records and ran their personal bests.  It is a pity, that the event was cancelled a few years ago.  Because of the 20years German Championship Rodenbach held another Event. A lot of runners arrived on Friday, to sleep in the sports hall and be ready on the spot on the day of the race. Angela, René and I arrived on Saturday morning. Angela, who supported René, also offered me support. We planned to arrive approximately at 6am in order to be there one hour before the race started. Because there was almost no traffic, we arrived much earlier. So we had more time to talk to friends. There where a lot of them because of approximately 300 starters. The high participation was not only because of the German, Bavarian and Hessian Championships, but also due to the central location of Rodenbach and the good event organization.  

            The course was slightly different then the event held in the year 2000. The aid station was located at the stadium and every lap you had to run through the stadium. On the other hand the part with the reversal point was shorter. The rest of the course stayed the same. There were still four aid stations. One of them was used two times, once at the beginning and once at the end of the reverse way. Shortly after 7am, after all welcoming speeches, the race started. There were ten loops to run. There were no personal counters anymore. The loops were counted by a chip integrated on the race number. From the start the Ukrainian Attila Vozar was leading. Michael Sommers and Jörg Hoos were following him. About half way the Ukrainian broke down. Most of the runners had problems because of the bad weather. Chilly temperatures, slightly windy, time to time some rain drops or sleet.  Definitely the god of weather had no mercy with the event and the runners. Even then, there were some personal best times. 

After the race most of the runners met at the sports hall. The runners waited together for the award ceremony, which was planed for 6pm. Up until this time they strengthed themselves and enjoyed a good coffee or a beer.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 Sommer Michael 6:57:19 1 Schönherr-Hoel. Birgit 7:48:33
2 Hooß Jörg 7:08:37 2 Braun Marion 8:13:22
3 König Thomas 7:09:12 3 Hildebrand Carmen 8:33:37
11 Koch Rainer 7:48:03  

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