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5K Athlete's Closet Winter Series race #3 in West Chester, Pennsylvania USA (02/04/2006)

To run the hole series was not so interested for me. Even than I'd like to run one of the four races. The series included two 5 K and two 5 Mile races. At the 5 K events there was also a 1 Mile run for kids. The course was at a small living area next to the sport store of the organist. Starting at 8:30am people could pick up their start numbers at the shop. One block away the race started. The course was only one loop. But most of the time you saw people which where running in front and behind of you, because there where many double ways to run. The race was only at the streets and always up and down. Even the weather forecast said it will rainy all the day, we where lucky. Up till the award ceremony finished there was no rain. There where approximately 140 runners at the start. A surprise was, that there where a few older runners at the first 10 places. The award ceremony took place at the ice cream bar next to the sport shop.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 DiEmidio Joseph 16:55 1 Brill Deirdre 19:47
2 Watkins Brent 17:05 2 Hayes Julie 20:18
3 Levy Larry 17:23 3 Bascelli Amanda 20:29
5 Koch Rainer 18:39        

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