Reports 2007

Bärenfels Utratrail 63 km in Neubrücke/Nahe, Germany

It was Saturday morning, when we arrived at the start in Neubrücke. Felles were doing the last preparations to set up the starting- and finishing area. Cars already where parked at the meadow, which where used also as camping area. Similar to other races a lot of people arrived the day before. Start was at 8am and the number issue was not opened yet. So we had time to enjoy breakfast.

In the morning it was fogy and chilly, but the weather forecast was sunny such as the previous years. But today it was not broadcastes as hot. Good weather was necessary, because the event was not organised for rainy days. Also the course could bring up some barriers, which would be hard to negotiate. I would not say “impossible” but defently “very very hard” to conquer. I think everyone ran the race before would agree. The course changed a bit against last year. But the main parts stayed. I think it was more flat and shorter.

Because there were less runners, which picked up their numbers in the morning, we started on time. René and I ran together from beginning on. Around us were ½-Marathon and Marathon runners. At the first third of the second loop Helmut Dehaut and his supporter passed us. We let him push along. At the beginning of the third loop I speeded up to come up with Helmut. After half of the loop I heard that he was still ten minutes infront of me. So I decided to slow down to give René the chance to come up with me. But it in the end it did not work. Helmut won with a new course record.

At the afternoon, while we waited for the award ceremony, it started while to while to rain a little. But it did hold on, till all runners finished. As I said, the weather was patient with us. I do not want to have the rain, we had while we drove home.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 Dehaut Helmut 4:36:02 1 Samse Anja 6:13:41
2 Koch Rainer 4:45:16 2 Eschelbach Iris 6:23:15
3 Stroßny René 4:45:38 3 Ripp Eva 6:53:55

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