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50km German championship in Bottrop, Germany

The runners of the LG Würzburg arrived in Bottrop at Saturday. Most of us slept at a suburb of Bottrop. Because I arrived later and from another direction, my colleges already went to dinner. We were told it was a 15 minute walk to the start. We needed more than half an hour. Maybe the reason was, that we were not as fit as the young lady at the desk. Already at the breakfast at the hotel the first runners passed our way. Because the start was at 9am, there was enough time in the morning.

Arriving at the start we met the rest of our colleges and a lot of other friends. At the 50km, which also was German championship, were approximately 300 starters. We were lucky with the weather. For this time of the year it was mild and dry. To run around the loops was not a problem. There were two loops in the city woods to run. The course mainly was on graveled wood ways and almost flat. The first three kilometres were on a retoure part, out to a big loop. After that there was the way back to the turn around point at the mine. From beginning on the top runners paced a lot. As a group of five they separated from the start. Our “greenhorn” at the ultras Ronald was with them. He planned to finish in 3:15. I was running discreet distance in the background, because the speed was too fast. As it came out in the end a good decision. I finished with a personal best less than two minutes after him. An excellent second loop was run by the third place Alexander Dackiw. He started at the beginning in a small group. I was in that group as well. After 10 kilometres he started to speed up. Sadly he took a wrong turn at a splitting of 10km and 25/50km of the end of the first loop. At this part I also went wrong for a few meters. So we were together for a short time again. Maybe that was the reason, why he did not get in second place. The runner, which companied him until that time, broke in at the second loop.

Because they already put away the benches and tables while we had award ceremony, we left as soon as possible. Even then it was a triumphant day for the runners of the LG Würzburg. All of us received a medal in one of the valuations (single, age group or team).

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Braukmann Thomas 3:11:48 1 Schönherr-Hölscher Birgit 3:45:07
2 Kersten Sven 3:14:51 2 Angel Heike 3:57:31
3 Dackiw Alexander 3:15:03 3 Nowottny-Hupka Rita 4:05:10
6 Koch Rainer 3:19:02

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