Reports 2007


6 hour race at Nürnberg, Deutschland

The 6-hour-race of Nuremberg, a must for a lot of ultra runners. This was shown by the amount of starters. It was definitely more than previous years, when I was there. There were no changes on the course. Only the aid station was relocated. Now it was placed before the counter tents. The support was excellent, during and after the race. Before the award ceremony started there was a huge pasta party. Unfortunately there was now a change in the weather. Like the years before, when I was there, it was chilly, cloudy and a bit windy. But god thanks there was no rain. Surprising there was a lot of new people, which were running in the top places. For some of them it was their first 6-hour-race. The only bad thing at the race was the long waiting time before the award ceremony.


Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Km Place Name Surname Km
1 Fröhlich Siegfried 77,640 1 Stöppler Simone 70,429
2 Peel Michael 77,343 2 Wünsche Sylvia 67,073
3 Beha Daniel 76,605 3 Christ Heike 63,659
10 Koch Rainer 72,828  

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