Reports 2009

Schwanberg race 10,4 km from Iphofen to Castell, Germany

The first Schwanberglauf was 25 years ago. Even though the weather was not good, there were about 1300 runners at the starting line. During the day it rained from time to time. Because of this it was no surprise, that the course was a bit slippery. Most parts of the route are gravel. In the end of the 90’s, when I ran the course the first time, it was about 12km and mostly on a wood covered path. Compared to that course, the course today was very easy. It was changed about five years ago. But still there was the hollow way. It was uphill from the beginning to the top of the Schwanberg. This year they used for the first time shoe transponders to measure the net time. Compared to the Champion Chip transponder our transponder looked like something from the stone age. It was a very large one. When we arrived at the finish everyone still got a bottle of water. The glass and the coupon for the wine were given in exchange for the transponder. Also everybody got a brochure of the 25year Jubliee. In it there are a collection of newspaper articles and reports. The 250€ prize for the new course record was easily won by Manuel Stöcker. He ran in first position from beginning without any followers.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 Stöckert Manuel 34:28 1 Reuter Anna 43:52
2 Dürr Christian 38:39 2 Schmitz Claudia 45:52
3 Müller Volker 38:40 3 Jossberger Annika 49:08
26 Rainer Koch 43:12


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