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Baltic Run - 325 km from Berlin to Karlshagen (Usedom) in 5 days, Germany

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03. stage at 07/26/2016 from Prenzlau to Eggesin, (day: 65km / overall.: 195km)

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This morning again less runners started. As Jörg had pronounced the course was getting boring. We continued to the area Uckermark passing many fields and open areas. Luckily the sun was often covered by clouds. Still it was very oppressive heat. Besides fiels there are many long straight pathes. People have different opinions about it. Some people feel it is a torture, others do not care about it at all. Today`s highlight was the halfway. We had halfway of the overall milage at about halfway of today`s stage.

Today`s gym was only half size of yesterday`s gym. That is why we had to get close together. Something did not change at all was the internet connectivity, if it is possible to talk about connectivity at all. People using O2 as a provider could count every downloaded byte. The dinner was not placed at the gym. This was new as well.


Report Results Fotos
Day: Overall:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Kiwus Dirk 5:24:26 1 Kiwus Dirk 15:20:05
2 Koch Rainer 5:46:27 2 Koch Rainer 16:53:29
3 Kornter Dietmar 6:08:16 3 Kornter Dietmar 17:39:58

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Report Results Fotos

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