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Baltic Run - 325 km from Berlin to Karlshagen (Usedom) in 5 days, Germany

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05. stage at 07/28/2016 from Usedom to Karlshagen, (day: 59km / overall.: 323km)

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Five days could pass so fast. Today was the start of the last stage. As yesterday it should not be as hot today. There was broadcasted, by some former runners, some steep up hills and sandy paths which are hard to run for today. I could imagine sandy paths very well, but steep up hills – where should they come from. I would not call my home area Franconia as hilly, but here it was absolutely flat. I just let it come at me.

We stand at the start line when Jörg warned us about the marking. The arrow stickers did not stick very well today that is why there are more markings at the ground as well as bandages on the side. Even it was the last day you can recognise that people start slower and slower. After I ran about 10k, at the first aid station, I passed the first runners. When I arrived at the check point Dirk was just 100m behind of it. It took me almost till aid station VP2 till I caught up with him. Was the reason for his slow speed was based on his leading or on the stress of the last days? That is something to think about for statisticians and speculators. From aid station VP2 on Dirk and I continued together and enjoyed the beautiful day. As broadcasted before there are many bikers today. But it would be worse, if the sun was more shining. Just before we arrived at aid station VP6 we enjoyed having an ice cream. At the end of the stage there are some sandy paths. On these paths we also passed the first runners of the first group.

When we arrived at the finish line there are plenty of applauding tourists. This is not standard at stage races. We waited for the arrival of some more runners before we walked to the gym to have a shower. In my opinion it was to cold to jump into the water. Besides I felt it was to cold to wait a long time without having a shower. On the way to the gym we had another ice cream. In the evening we had first dinner before the award ceremony. Today`s daily placement was for runners which speed was most equal. Which means that the average speed in five days was varying less. After, there was a special honouring for Alexander. He was guiding Anton our blind runner for five days. Then the finishers of all stages and the helpers are honoured. In the end the stage runners get honoured. After the ceremony we were sitting together and had a nice evening while Michael and Norbert made some music to livening up. At the next day breakfast was not before 7am. It was early enough since the bus back to Berlin left at 9am.


Report Results Fotos
Day: Overall:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Kiwus Dirk 5:07:31 1 Kiwus Dirk 26:20:40
Koch Rainer 5:07:31 2 Koch Rainer 28:03:25
2 Kornter Dietmar 5:27:22 3 Kornter Dietmar 29:47:37

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Report Results Fotos

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