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7EmiratesRun - 497 km from Abu Dhabi to Hatta in 7 days, United Arab Emirates

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About two more weeks till the start to the 7EmiratesRun. It is more than just a multi day race though all seven Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Adschman, Dubai, Fudschaira, Ra`s al-Chaima, Schardscha und Umm al-Quaiwain) of the United Arab Emirates. It is a charity run to rais funds to „help children back on their feets“. The money is used to pay medical support for kids with leg proteases and make it possible for them to walk. Further, the run promote „Health“ by showing a healthy live style and „Fun“ by having a great time together and discover the United Arab Emirates.

The race starts on 11/18 at the south in Abu Dhabi and passes Al Samha, Bab Al Shams, Dubai, Um Al Quwain, QuestFor Adventure Camp and Fujeirah till it finally finishes near the border to Oman in Hatta. The 497km of the race are split into seven stages with an average of 71km. Besides, there are also stage runners and additional short distance events. These short distances partly are integrated into the race.

2010 the race was initiated a few years ago as a solo run of Wendelin. Over the time it change to a stage run which becomes international now.


This afternoon Wendelin, the organizer of the 7EmiratesRun gave me a short call. He was invited by Adam Essam, organizer of a local running club, to come over at night and join their run. Their group also running for charity and some runners are also interested to join a short distance from the 7Emirates run. My wife and I did not have any planes, yet. So we agreed and met up with them on the Dubai Marina Mall. First, Adam had some welcoming words. Then Wendelin spoke about race, the motivation to do it and the difficulties he was facing as an organizer and a runner. Finally, I also had some words before we started running. Wendelin and I are going to run the long distance (14k). The short distance (9k) was going once around the harbor. The long distance had another half loop around the harbor. It was easy to do, due to many bridges which crossed the harbor.

I was thinking to do a relaxed run. But the speed of my companion was quiet high. To run a personal best of 2:30h on a marathon this was necessary for him. So, I ended up with a speed training. After about an hour we finished our loop. Only a few runners which had done the 9k had returned. I really was positive surprised to meet such an international group of over 30 people. After we had finished our run we had some smalltalk with many questions to Wendelin and me. But that`s was what we where coming for. After everyone had left, Adam, Wendelin, my wife and I had some dinner. The we returned to the hotel. We already can feel that we had a short night and a long sight seeing tour.

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