Reports 2010

100km Bavarian, Pfalzian, Saxion chapmionship and DUV Challenge in Leipzig, Germany

It was not the first time I went to Leipzig. The main reason was championship events which occurred there. Even then I was looking forward to enjoy the nice course. But more about the course later. The plan was to take part with a group at the Bavarian championships for 100km. I know Leipzig is not placed in Bavaria. I had not slept in the geography lessons. Still the Bavarian championships were held many years in Leipzig. Also the Saxion and Pfalzian championships occurred there. Because the DLV decided not to organize any German Championships anymore, the DUV organized the 100km Challenge. So the athletes got a kind of compensation. Still the amount of runners was not as huge as normal.

Friday evening, when I arrived, I already knew that we did not have a group for the championship anymore. First I picked up my race number and went to the pasta party, which just had started. Had some nodel , then I went back to my accommodation. Except, I took a room and did not use the official accommodation at the gym. It was about 1,5km away from the start.

It had stopped raining, when I walked to the start area at the morning. It had rained all night long and the broadcast was not better. Luckily it stayed dry. The paths were still wet, there were some puddles and some parts were slippery. But still it was ok. The course itself had not been changed. Still there was a 4km go-and-return way and a loop around the Auensee. Without some small ground waves it was a flat course. Still there were some curves and tight parts. At the beginning Jörg Giebel tried to run away in the front. He was followed by a big group. After 30km the group broke off and the first had to run slower. At Kilometer 50 the winner of last year Oka Hirofumi from Japan speeded up and started catch up with the first. It did not take a long time and he passed the first runner. He did not give away the leading place until the end. Stefan Hinze tried to run with the Japanese, but he had to let him go. After about 70km Jörg Giebel which led at the beginning stopped. It was similar happening at the 50km. The leader of the 50km had to walk the last 10km loop.

After the race and a hot shower Stefan, Marika, Bruno and I went out to a restaurant. The award ceremony was scheduled for 7:30 pm. It was a long wait for people finishing at 2pm. Because the weather was not very good, it was not so nice to sit outside and wait. The award ceremony was done very quickly. There were five different evaluations – the evaluation of the organization, DUV Challenge, Bavarian, Saxion and Pfalzian championships.

Men: Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Oka Hirofumi 7:19:19 1 Krause Antje 8:17:54/td>
2 Hinze Stefan 7:39:19 2 Musial Elke 8:38:15
3 Koch Rainer 7:46:24 3 Müller Antje 8:52:54

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