Reports 2013

Bärenfels Holy-Eve-Marathon in Neubrücke/Nahe, Germany

When the clock rang it was just past 3am. However, I was not getting up for work, further it was the day of the 8. Holy-Eve-Marathon of the Feller family. After the coffee was finished, the luggage all packed and we had freshened up we left. It was a three hour drive to Nohfelden. As we had hoped there was little traffic, because it was Holy Eves day and very early morning.

We arrived just past 6am and had free choices of places to park. It was still two hours before the start of the marathon. So we decided to take a rest. We were not parked for five minutes, when Stefan arrived and welcomed us. He managed the parking every year. Just past 7am I picked up my start number. I had a few small talks with other runners, then I prepared myself for the start.

This year we had the best weather ever. There was no snow and it was about 10°C, which was quite warm for this time of the year. Still fewer runners had registered. Even though there were many last minute sign ups, there were less than 100 runners.

Just on time, at 8am, the marathon started. The course remained the same. There were still five loops, which brought us almost up to the Bärenfels (bear rock). It passed three aid stations, which offered plenty of drinks and snacks. After the start Max Kirschbaum went away as the first. He and also his follower Matthias Wagner, did not get caught up from any other runners during the race. Behind them there was more activity and the placements changed from time to time. During the first loop some runners passed me, but one after the other I caught up with them again. Finally I caught Daniel Hirsch at the beginning of the last loop. From then we continued together in third place until the finish.

After the finish I did not have enough time to wait for the award ceremony at the cinema. We still had three hours to drive home as some friends were coming over. Still it was a nice, enjoyable event. Exactly what runners wished for as a holy night gift.

Men: Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Kirschbaum Max 2:50:37 1 Neumann Petra 3:58:42
2 Wagner Matthias 3:14:39 2 Hildebrand Carmen 4:07:24
3 Koch Rainer 3:22:29 3 Steinbuch Linda 4:15:25
Hirsch Daniel

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