Reports 2018

6,25km Company run in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

Since December I work at Valeo Switches and Detection Systems in Bietigheim-Bissingen, hence I could not resist to take part at the company run in Bietigheim. The 6.5km was a short distance for me, but good enough for a little sprint in the evening after work.

Start was at 6:30pm. Normally, I start working early, so I will be at home already at that time. Just after 5pm I went with some colleagues towards the start area. This was only 1,5km away from our company. Therefore it was most easy to walk there. Similar to the previous year, Valeo hat the biggest group of runners and it was quiet obvious with the green-white company shirts. Just before the start we took some photos for the company web page. After we went towards the tart. Even there were about 1500 starters there was no jaming in the beginning, since the road was huge enough. After one kilometer the field had spread up, so it was no jam at the smaller roads, too. Well, at leas that was true for the front runners. I think in the middle of the field of runners it was different. My boss Sergio and I was pushing to the front from beginning on. In front of us there was almost no green-white shirt to see. When the road started to tend „up“ the field was spreading even more. Well, saying it goes up is a bit exaggerated, if one thinks about all the trail- and mountain races I have already done. But for a standard short distance runner it was already an uphill. After 2,5km we went out to the fields. It was comfortable warm and still had sunshine, even the event took place at the evening. Well, at leas for me it was comfortable warm. I was passing one by one and finally was placed on 22nd and 3rd of Valeo. I already have done faster races, but with respect to my current training level I was quiet satisfied with my time of 23:14,7.

Just after me Sergio arrived. We get something to drink and to eat and waited for the rest of the team. After we talked some more before we went back to the company.

Men: Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Mack Ulrich 21:02,3 1 Würth Alina 23:13,3
2 Camara Lamin 21:03,3 2 Klotz Jasmin 23:26,2
3 Schiffner Igor 21:32,9 3 Würth Sina 24:48,5
27 Koch Rainer 23:14,7

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