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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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10. day at 05/03/2022 from Montalbo to Pedro Munoz, (day: 69,3km / overall: 624km)

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And the countdown continues! Today was day 10 and only eight more to go to Malaga. When I arrived in the morning in the gym for breakfast almost all seats are full. But having all this thin runners, it was not a problem to move a bit together. Just before the first group started, Angi and René arrived. WE enjoyed our breakfast and had some small talk. Normally at that time (5:15 am) the kids and my wife where still sleeping. Only for a short morning milk snack they get awake, but then continue sleeping.

Just in time at 7:30 am we also started. And as usual, it was slightly raining. It was only a very light rain, but far away from a sunny Spain. Luckily the weather got better and later the sun broke through. But the wind, which we already had since yesterday, remained.

Today's stage had about 70km and was one of the longest which we still had to run. The positive part of it was the low amount of altitudes. Even the roadbook said less than 400m, René and I had both almost 500m of altitudes. From beginning on it was recognizable that the stage was getting a fast stage, even it was long. Rémi, Stéphane and René started quick. Rémi already slowed down after a few kilometers, so René and I passed him. René and I always changed placement today, until the last aid station. He passed me at the aid stations, I passed him between the aid stations and was a few meters in front of him when we reached the next one. As often before at other stage races or races, in the end we finished the stage together. The course reminded us a bit on regions we had passed in Germany before. It was a steady up and down and corn was growing on the brown muddy fields or they where just empty. In between there was a region with coniferous trees. There we also had another trail part. I really have to say, that it is the stage race with most trails, which I had done up till now. Most of the races only go on the street. This is more easy to organize, to search the course, as well as mark it. Also most of the stage runners prefer the flat surface. Streets are harder than wood and gravel path, but therefore the chance of hurting is also less.

When we arrived at the finish line the major welcomed us. It was not so often this happened as at other stage races. Besides it is a mixed blessing. There is no doubt, that it helps to get attention on the race as well as the city of the stage finish. Still it is often an exertion to attend a welcome event in the evening. While the fast runners already had time during the afternoon to recover, this is not counting for the slower runners.


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