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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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11. day at 05/04/2022 from Pedro Munoz to La Solana, (day: 63,5km / overall: 687,5km)

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The restaurant of yesterdays dinner was a few hundred meters away again, but it was delicious. As often before the portions could be bigger or better said, there could be more sides with the meat. But I also have to mention that you get enough to eat here as well. Since the organization offers some food the entire afternoon and always prepares more, people have the chance to “pregame”. The breakfast was located at the bar next to the gym. Since there was limited place there where two time slots. While the runners from the slower group started breakfast at 5:15 am, the fast group was scheduled at 5:45 am. As often before you had to be patient. It was recognizable that it was not a standard that a huge group of runners come in at the morning, eat quickly, and leave again.

Gilles warned us before the start that there would be a lot of traffic. After the course was flat and boring. Long straight roads with many traffic. I speeded from beginning on, since I had some work to do. Stéphane followed me and finished second place again.

Parking of caravans was also a bit complicated today. The marked area from Gilles, Angi was decently asked by the police to re park to the caravan area a few hundred meters away. Also the showers are not located at the gym. Actually it was an event hall. It had solid concrete walls, but the roof was made out of a foil. So, at the chilly temperatures we had, it was getting cold.


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