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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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12. day at 05/05/2022 from La Solana to Castellar De Santiago, (day: 58,5km / overall: 746km)

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Breakfast was served at the gym again. Before the start Gilles warned that there was a change of the course. Therefore we do not run through Valdepeñas. It was always an advantage not to cross huge cities. On the one hand it is not so easy to sign the course. On the other hand there are plenty of traffic lights and street crossings which slows down the runners.

This morning Rémi leaded again. Just after the first aid station Stéphane passed him. I also stayed in the front and just waited as usual. At the second aid station Réne passed us. Today it took a bit longer till I caught up. Most probably the reason was my dilly-dally at the aid station. Basically the course was quiet flat. Only the last third was a steady uphill. Also the landscape was not so special, especially in compare tot he mountain stages. Still it was a beautiful day. A lot of flowers on the fields made the landscape colorful and lovely.

After I arrived at the finishing line I first had some food today. Main reason was that my little one wanted to discover the playground. After we had washing day. Especially a lot of kids cloth ramped up. Since the weather fits, it was obvious that the cloth got dry. So, while I was enjoying a shower the camping wash machine was running. We bought it two years ago for this race. Due to the pandemic it only got used now.


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