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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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14. day at 05/07/2022 from Santa Elena to Torrequebrabilla, (day: 63km / overall: 857,5km)

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Yesterdays dinner was not as easy. First we had to find the restaurant. On the maps, which are made by Gilles it showed next to the market place. When we arrived there, we could see a restaurant, but the name did not fit. Regarding the maps where always very helpful. On a small map extraction the places for the finish line, the showers, the sleeping, the breakfast, the dinner, as well as parking areas for supporters and caravans are marked. Further, there is a whiteboard with all important information, which is needed for the upcoming stage. It includes the location of the aid stations, maybe significant or dangerous spots at the course, location and name for the dinner and breakfast places, as well as the weather broadcast. But lets get back to dinner. Unfortunately it was not so much and it took a very long time. So there was no surprise that not everyone showed up to have breakfast in the morning.

A very sunny day was broadcast for today. According to Gilles we would get everything on the course – Trail, small quiet roads, highly frequented roads, huge city, and an up and down. The stage had 63km and was the last stage having a 6 in the beginning. After we only had a 5. Still it was an easy stage, since there was only 500 altitudes. Today's course was mainly through olive plantations. As far you can see they are covering the hills. In the background we can see the first mountains, which we had to cross. When we started Stéphane ran already slow. Just before the first aid station René went to the bushes, I passed him but he did not catch up anymore. In fact, my lead was getting surprisingly huge today. But since both are fine, it did not really matter.

At the finishing line we had the biggest welcome of the race. Gilles already warned us, that the finish had to be relocated from the gym to the place in front of the majors house. The reason was that the major want to welcome us. And she did not show up with empty hands. They build up a huge pavilion with tables and sitting banks. Besides there where plenty of snacks, tortilla, tomato salza and drinks. Even our two little ones get a bag with sweets.

Dinner was also served over there. Xavier and Stephane prepared it. And as most of you can imagine, it was delicious and more than enough. As starter we had tomato-melon-salad, then spaghetti with tomato sauce and as dessert strawberries with heavy cream.


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