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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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15. day at 05/08/2022 from Torrequebrabilla to Valdepenas De Jaen, (day: 58,3km / overall: 915,8km)

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Also today's breakfast was marked by the hospitality of Torrequebradilla. They brought over some sweet pastries. After having a good breakfast at the gym we started for stage 15.

Today we had almost the same amount of runners at both groups. From 33 starters only 25 where left. This stage was not very long, but it still was a hard one. Almost 1400 altitudes where written in the plan, but in the end not just my running watch showed more than 1500. Gilles already warned us that there will be a few difficult trails to do. At some parts no car can reach. For the caravans he advised to drive directly to the finish line. Stéphane speeded from beginning on. I followed him, so he did not get away too far. Already at the first aid station we did not see René anymore. From the second aid station on, at about 30km, Stéphane slowed down a bit. Here also the real uphill started. On 20km we had to go 1000 m up. On top of this uphill as a slightly up and down. At the downhill just before the third aid station Stéphane caught me again, but then he slowed down again and I did not see him until the finish. When he arrived at the finishing line René as with him. René caught him just before the summit, but had also to speed to keep up with him. Stéphane had walked while to while a bit to recover and enjoy the country side. When we entered the canyon at kilometer 30 the landscape changed significant. There where almost no olive plantations anymore. In contrast we had more and more areas with sheep-runs and many needle trees. It was again a day with a beautiful landscape. The sun was burning strong, but you could not enjoy the landscape so good without him. Just before the summit a huge turquoise barrier lake stretched out over the area. One would love to go the few meters down and jump in. Our last 8 km where mainly downhill. Well, mainly means, that we had to run down to go a short steep uphill to the finishing line.

Today's gym was again kind of a dream. It was huge and the showers where nice and warm. Not so good was the dinner. It was delicious, but it took for ever and the amount was again quiet less. So, it was no wonder that some of the runners already left before the dessert to use the time to sleep early.


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