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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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16. day at 05/09/2022 from Valdepenas De Jaen to Montefrio, (day: 53,4km / overall: 969,2km)

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The breakfast was located at a small bar about 200m away. When I arrived there just past 5:15 am the first group of runners already having breakfast. I get into line, to get a coffee and a baguette. Today was a huge variety of choice, still I stayed on my well-tried. This morning there was another dropout. Christian finished yesterday, but decided not to start anymore.

Also today's stage was showing more than 1000 altitudes again. But it was split into multiple uphills. The first we already had when leaving the village. But before we had to handle a really steep downhill – short and hard with about 23%. Today the uphills seem not to bad anymore and also I could not feel the altitudes. Maybe, because there are only three days to go. Only in Alcalá la Real we had to go shortly step up to the castle. Without that it was easy to enjoy the landscape of mountains. In the background you can see already snow covered mountains. But just a moment, I thought we are running to the ocean? Well, till we can see it, it will take some more time. Today we had really fun during the first 20km. Adrian speeded up and ran a while with us in the front. Actually, he even leaded a few kilometers. We talked, laughed and enjoyed the country side. His reason to speed was Hervé, which was only 1,5 hours behind him. Also he speeded today and Adrian did not want to loos too much time lead. In the end the usual people where finishing first.

Today's finish was located next to a huge gym, but we only used half of it, because in the evening was another training. Since the gym was huge enough, this was no problem at all.


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