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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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On the next morning I went to the caravan early. While my kids still where sleeping, I arranged everything and drove over to the hotel. Then we packed all in and went just past 7 am towards home. Our goal was to leave early the city and then have somewhere breakfast on the road. We had about 2500 km to drive and we wanted to be at home as soon as possible, because Monday we need to be back at work and kinder garden. After we already had driven a few hundred kilometers a van with a trailer passed us. Oh, what was that? This one looked quiet familiar! It was Xavier, the cook. We shortly waved hands and continued. This happened another time, since he had a short break in between and we passed him again at this time.

On Friday we entered France and passed an old well known city. Narbonne, here at Narbonne-Plage I had finished 20 years ago Transe Gaule, my first trans country race. Also back then I won the race, which was organized by JB. Somehow it is funny, after 20 years, you still meet the same “crazy” people and have fun together. From Narbonne-Plage we continued via Mulhouse to home, which we arrived Saturday late afternoon.


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