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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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03. day at 04/26/2022 from Ayerbe to Ejea De Los Caballeros, (day: 54km / overall: 159,1km)

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Today`s breakfast was served in the tent just in front of the gym. There was baguette, oranges, coffee and tea. Also the start was in front of the gym. So, there was only short distances to go.

The first start group left at 7am, while we followed them at 8am. This morning the second runner stopped. So, there are only 34 remaining at the race. Today we had a short stage again and it was quiet flat, since we left the Pyrenees. But not only the hills where gone. Also the countryside got more scraggy and there was not so much to see anymore. While we were running on quiet roads for the first 35km, after we had to run on heavy traffic road for a short time. After we followed a gravel path till the end of the day. It was seldom, that a car passed, but it was still tricky to run. Stéphane and Rémi let us go quiet early today. So René and I where running mainly together. Only at the aid stations we had a bit of „cat and mouse-game“. René only stopped to fill his back pack, while I was stopping on every aid station shortly. When we reached the gravel path he slowed down a bit and I continued alone.

It was a bit more complicated at the finish today. It was just next to the showers, but the hotel and the restaurant, for dinner, was on the other side of the city. Hence, some arrangements where required to bring the runners from A to B.


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