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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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05. day at 04/28/2022 from Fuendejalon to Calatayud, (day: 75,7km / overall: 296,3km)

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Yesterdays dinner was up till now the best we had. The supporters prepared a paella with sea fruit. In addition there was chicken, baguette, salad and as dessert fruit salad. It was very delicious as well as more than enough to eat for everyone.

Breakfast was served just next to the gym in a small bar. AS usual there was bread with jam, coffee and orange juice. Since the course was quiet long today, there are three start groups. The first group started at 6:30 am, the second group started at 7:00 am and the third group at 7:30 am. Also for today some rain showers where broadcast. The first 10 km where only uphill, so it was getting warm even it was chilly. After we had an up and down till we reached a canyon at kilometer 40. In this one we ran till the end, but always uphill. Even it was uphill, you did not feel it, since the landscape was just beautiful. While we ran through the canyon, the supporters driving a caravan needed to drive a detour, since the maximum height was 3m.

In the end we had a short part through the city, will we ended in front of the hotel on the promenade. Dinner and the breakfast on the next day where just in the hotel. Also the official caravan parking place was only a stone throw away.


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