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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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06. day at 04/29/2022 from Calatayud to Molina De Aragon, (day: 76,4km / overall: 372,7km)

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Today's breakfast was again at 5:15am. It seems to be early, but the first group had to start at 6:30am again. As yesterday there where two more groups, one at 7:00 am and one at 7:30am.

To days stage had more altitudes as yesterday as well as it was longer. Even the official announcement said two hills, it was basically just one. The first one ended just after the second aid station. There we had a beautiful view to an old monetary. Before we already had some views on the lakes next to Nuévalos. After a short downhill we directly continued with the second uphill. It brought us up to a plateau at about kilometer 50. It has to be said, that it was not just a uphill. Furthermore, it was always a slight up and down in between. At the plateau we continued with some slight up and down till the end of the stage. Gilles had warned us that there is a high chance of wind on the plateau, but there was nothing. Today was the second day of sun. Even the temperatures where not so high (20-25°C), the sun burned a lot. So, it was necessary to drink much more and with only six aid stations it was necessary to carry something.

Today's race was similar to yesterdays. Rémi started to push away from beginning on, René and I followed him, and caught him after a while. In compare to yesterday I was slightly in front of René at that time. I continued myself and after kilometer 15 I started to bypass runners from the other groups. Even there was a lot of uphill today, the course was very beautiful again. We continued through the mountains. Only a few parts, e.g. when running on the plateau, it was not so beautiful. But you can not suspect always a beautiful area. At the second last aid station, at Karl, we where pre warned that it would be a bit difficult at today's finish. A minister was visiting and therefore the entry to the city was closed for vehicles. Also the caravans needed to stay a bit away at the caravan parking area.

Today's finish was just next to the hotel again. Only for dinner we had to walk about 200m. After such a long stage, short distances are welcomed by most of the runners. When we left for dinner, not all of the runners had returned. Unfortunately, there was also a drop of today. So only 29 runners will start tomorrow.


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