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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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07. day at 04/30/2022 from Molina De Aragon to Puente de Vadillos, (day: 56km / overall: 428,7km)

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Since the lounge of the hotel is quiet small, we have to breakfast in shifts. The first group was scheduled to 5:15 am and the fast ones at 5:45 am. The helpers could have breakfast after that at 6:15 am. In the morning it was possible to move the caravans next to the hotel, so it was not too far anymore to get there.

Gilles announced that today would be the most beautiful course, from his point of view. But already from noon time on the broadcast was rain. The course was only 56 km long and therefore a very short stage, but it also had almost 1000 altitudes. Gilles warned us that the up- and downhills would be very steep. René started quick, but it did not take a long time till he slowed down and I passed him. Just before the first aid station Stéphane passed me. He was in very good shape and we changed the leading position a few times. In between we also used the time to have some small talk and enjoy the countryside. It was very enjoyable. The street was going along the mountains and a small stream was next to it. While to while the water ran over stones down towards the valley. Beautiful waterfalls where the result.

When Stéhane and I arrived together it was still dry. Also most of the runners behind us where lucky. But when Karl returned from his aid station, he already told us that the last runners where showered. And it did not take to long time till the rain also reached us. Today was the last day sleeping in a hotel. This kind of luxus we would not have before arriving in Malaga. Tomorrow there would be another night at the youth hostel. After, all accommodations will be in gyms.

At today's dinner Gilles warned the caravan drivers to be careful on the next day. The parking in at the arrival was quiet tricky. He told us the roads are so narrow, that they should not leave the main road. Also the other cars should use the parking at the cemetery. Further, he announced that Cornelia was getting grandma. So, we had something to celebrate as well.


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