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TransEspana - 1020 km from Urdos/France to Malaga/Spain in 18 days, Spain

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09. day at 05/02/2022 from Villa Nueva De Guadamejud to Montalbo, (day: 58,5km / overall: 554,7km)

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Today was the day. It was the ninth stage and therefore the mid of the race was reached. Also with the kilometers we reached halfway today. And there was more to celebrate. It was Mihaelas birthday. So we serenaded her at the breakfast. Unfortunately, there was also some bad news. Claudine had decided not to start anymore. She and SaĂŻd arrived yesterday just above the time limit. Still both could have started today. Sadly Claudine decided not to do it. Breakfast was served, as yesterdays dinner, at the youth hostel. In compare to other breakfasts before there was a huge variety and more than enough to eat. But that was already suspectable after yesterdays dinner.

WE had again two start groups today. With almost 60km the stage was a short one, but therefore it had also almost 900 altitudes. This time with four main uphills. Sadly the countryside was not so nice anymore. The first runners we bypassed just before the first aid station, after about 10km. Most time Gilles was also on this aid station to see a bit of the race. After he needed to go to mark the rest of the course. The landscape was getting more and more boring and everyone was happy to finish soon. Gilles had broadcast rain from noon on and storms for the late afternoon. Luckily both did not take place. In contrast it was sunny, but very windy. Hervé was quiet fast today. He and Stéphane arrived at the second aid station, when I was leaving it. At the third aid station I only saw him arriving. But that changed later and as so often before René and Stéphane where fighting for second place. Well, fighting is a bit harsh to say, because everyone have done a stage race before knows that a daily placement is not important, but finishing in the end. Both of them knew that very well and it can be assumed that the daily performance was the icing on the cake which let win the one or the other one.


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