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100km night of Biel, Switzerland (06/09-06/10/2006)

The night of Biel. Biel is a Mecca for 100km runners, like the New York Marathon for Marathoners. The program of the event already started on Thursday, but most of the runners arrived on Friday. The entry started at 4pm at the Ice stadium. The start was at 10pm also there. Some runners took the time to relax before the start of the race, and some watched the soccer game. There was a big screen built  up by the organiser, which showed the game.

Some minutes before 10pm the relay runners and the 100km runners grouped at the starting line. The start of the Marathon, Half-Marathon and 14.5km was some minutes later. The whole week was dominated by very cool weather. It seemed, that the night of the race would be different. There was no cloud in the sky and there was a full moon. There was nearly no need for lights. From the start it was a fast race. Most of the runners had their supporter on a bike. Against other races it was allowed, without some passages, to escort the runners by bike. It was disappointing for me, that the course was “quite flat”. Because the race was located in Switzerland, I suspected some altitudes. The nice part was the atmosphere, which was brought by the spectaculars. Similar to a city marathon, there were people standing at the course in the cities to root for the runners. This helped to create a nice race.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 Pasandin Francisco 7:24:41 1 Knöpfli Sonja 7:51:34
2 Jenzer Urs 7:28:58 2 Wolf Brigitte 8:42:09
3 Schmid Ernst 7:33:04 3 Nusseck-Haller Daniela 9:13:03
7 Koch Rainer 7:58:13  

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