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100km Night of Biel, Switzerland

The night of Biel - because I received a free start, I did not like expire it. It was an invitation of the top-ten-runners.

On Friday I had to work until lunch time, then I took a train directly to Biel. It took more than six hours from Nürnberg. I met Karlheinz at the Karlsruhe train station and we traveled the rest of the way to Biel together. We arrived at Biel at 6:30 p.m. It was his 25th anniversary at Biel. Just arrived we met the first friends.

They told us big rain showers were expected in the morning. Local people assured us that the night would be dry, but it was not true.

A few minutes before 10pm the runners placed at the starting line. So the start was ontime. Against last year the course was changed slightly. The aid stations and the check points still were the same. Also the support did not really change. Besides bananas, small pieces of bread, energy bars and other little snacks there was water, isotonic drinks, ice tea, coke and soup for the runners. Even though it had rained before and partly during the race the course was almost clean. Because of the sandy ground without mud, the runners just got dirty legs and not heavy feet.

From beginning on, it was a fast race, even though the runners lost some time at the second half, there were only some seconds between the first and the second. Helmut Dehaut lost the final spurt against Pius Hunold. Much more differences were at the finishing times of the women.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Hunold Pius 7:26:09 1 Gross Martina 8:28:01
2 Dehaut Helmut 7:26:17 2 Hildebrand Carmen 8:53:58
3 Schmid Ernst 7:32:53 3 Danao Cecil 9:08:13
117 Koch Rainer 9:45:13  
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