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100km German Championship at Kienbaum/Grünheide, Germany (03/24/2007)

Because of the traffic jam near Triptis, we arrived at about 9:15pm on Friday in Kienbaum. We met the runners of the LG Würzburg and Herbert Hausmann. Because the dinner was already finished, we went directly to the rooms. Before we went to bed, we sat together for a talk. We decided to get up at 4:30am to have a relaxed breakfast. Done as said. The breakfast was large and with a huge choice, as in the years before. A shame, that there was not more time to enjoy it, because the start was at 6am.

At the time of the start it was chilly, cloudy and the wind was blowing. But it was not as cold as the years before. About lunch time the sun broke through and it became warmer. However the wind stayed. Because of this it was still chilly on some parts of the course. There were a few changes on the course and for the support. But, overall, the course was still flat and the support good!

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 Sommer Michael 6:56:15 1 Schönherr-Hölscher Birgit 7:52:11
2 Hooß Jörg 6:59:03 2 Braun Marion 8:26:13
3 Grundner Christian 7:27:07 3 Belau Monika 8:45:07
4 Miksch Thomas 7:28:05  
5 Koch Rainer 7:41:45  

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