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Franconian/Bavarian Championship Marathon at Würzburg, Germany

The weather broadcast, after a beautiful week, the weather was bad for the weekend. The broadcast was for some showers on Saturday and settled for Sunday. And it was like broadcasted. It rained from Saturday to Sunday night. Because of that there was a high humidity with 17°C at the Start. It got better during the day. Obviously the people of Würzburg did not like that weather, because there were less spectaculars and bands around the course. Against the year before the course was not changed. There were some changes at the finish. Last year people could stay at the food tent, while watching the runner finish. This year they had to stay at an uncovered tribune. Also there were less stands with snacks, coffee and ice cream around the event area.

Around 9pm all runners went to the start line. During the last minutes before the start, runners welcomed some more friends, which passed their way. Also this year there were two top runners, who tried to beat the course record. But they failed. Against the past there were many more fast runners at the start. It seems that more and more Bavarian clubs are interested in the championships. It was the third time the championship was organised in Würzburg. Also next year they will be organised in Würzburg.

Sadly, there were not many people present at the award ceremony. Even though it started approximately 15 minutes later, there was no excuse for most of the runner to leave before the ceremony.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Kurgat Eliud 2:19:47 1 Brenner Elke 3:01:38
2 Gebremeskel Kidus 2:20:28 2 Keta Carolin 3:06:16
3 Ripis Simon 2:28:48 3 Ratzmer Antje 3:17:47
22 Koch Rainer 2:56:53  
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