Reports 2009

German championship 100km at Ahrweiler, Germany

Friday afternoon I met with my club colleague Udo Wegmann at the train station in Würzburg. Now we went towards Ahrweiler. At Marktheidenfeld we picked up Walter Zimmermann to be complete. When we arrived at Ahrweiler it was already past 8pm. To took us another half hour to found the accommodation. Because there are plenty of schools in this area it was hard to find the right one. Even the pasta party was already over, but there was still some pasta left. After we finished dinner we talked to some other runners before we went to bed.

At 5am the clock rang. Actually it was not necessary because there were already some people searching their luggage at 4am. Before we had breakfast we picked up our start numbers. Strengthened,we went to the start. It was at 6:30am in front the gym. Now we had to run 20 loops of 5km. The course had a lot of turns and there were plenty of little ups- and downhills. Just a few meters but still very rough. All over it was an idyllic loop. Besides the aid station at the start and finishing area there was an additional water station at kilometre 2.5. Because there were plenty of turns and splitting there had to be many volunteers at the course. They took care that nobody got lost or took a short cut. Nearly after 7:30 hours Jörg Hooß celebrated his long desired championship title. Michael Sommer, which was first place since years, finished in second place. A big surprise was the slow times of the male field of runners. It was because of the loop? Tanja Hooß won the women`s race and set the high-point to the “family celebration”.

Finished and showered I figured out, that a time of about 8:15 is much to slow to get some cake. Even though the first 10% of finishers were in this time frame.

Men:   Women:
Place Name Surname Time Place Name Surname Time
1 Jörg Hooß 7:21:44 1 Tanja Hooß 7:55:37
2 Michael Sommer 7:36:43 2 Branka Hajek 7:57:17
3 Gerhard Läpple 7:37:35 3 Barbara Mallmann 8:30:11
12 Rainer Koch 8:17:39

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