Reports 2010

50km German championship in Bottrop, Germany

It was not the first time that the 50km German championship was placed in Bottrop. But it was the first time that it was without the founder of the race Jürgen Liebert. Suddenly he died at the beginning of the week. Because of the death the atmosphere was down. Well, even than the event was held, because the rest of the organisation team thought it would be his will.

The day before the race there was the yearly meeting of the DUV. Some colleges of the LG (my running club) left earlier to take part in it. After a long traffic jam they arrived late as well as the other participants. So the meeting start was delayed. Most runners of the LG left Würzburg at noon time. Early evening we arrived at our hotel in Bottrop. We checked in and some of us went for some shopping. And suddenly it was time for dinner. The chief of our club had ordered a table at a nearby Italian restaurant at 6pm. When we arrived there everybody was surprised. It was very stylish. The table looked like a table from the dark age. Finished a good dinner we went back to the hotel and into our beds.

Most of us hadbrought stuff for breakfast, so nobody did take the breakfast at the hotel. We left early enough to get in time to the start. So we had time to take a coffee and pick up the race numbers. As well as we did get a good parking slot. Another collegue of our club already waited without passion. Only one more missed and all of us had arrived. The course was still the same. Most of the time we ran on gravelled wood paths. It was always a little bit up and down. The first kilometres were on a retoure part. Then we went on a big loop to come up to 25km. After two loops we were done. Seifert Peter had run the two loops fastest. He finished in 3 hours. Such a time had not been run since years. It was a well earn champion ship title. There were a lot of people starting in the race. Also there were a lot of teams. But it was no assurance that the teams finish. And in my opinion the weather was not very good. There was no rain, as broadcasted before. But still it was cool temperatures. With less than 10°C there was always a light breeze. So it was easy to get cold. Luckily there were hot showers placed at the mine after the race.

Even the award ceremony was earlier than expected but it took a long time. It was no wonder that a lot of people took off directly after the DUV-award. So only a few people were present at the award ceremony of the organisation. Also it was not very nice, that people already built down the event during the ceremony. Without that it was again a nice event.

Men: Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Seifert Peter 2:57:59 1 Schönherr-Hölscher Birgit 3:51:37
2 Hegmann Tobias 3:13:02 2 Röder Manuela 3:51:37
3 Dehaut Thomas 3:13:48 3 Kenkenberg Gabriele 3:56:50
10 Koch Rainer 3:31:27

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