Reports 2010

Franconian/Bavarian Championship Marathon at Würzburg, Germany

The day arrived of the tenth City marathon in Würzburg. Already a few years passed since I took part the last time. As well as then, it was Bavarian and Frankonian championship. There was a new organization and also the course changed slightly. Also the starting place was changed from the Talavera to the Congress-Centrum.

With chilly temperatures and cloudy, but dry weather, the start was at 9am with about 3400 runners. Only 1200 started for the marathon. During the race the clouds went away and after 1100 there was some sun. When I did the course the last time there were two identical loops to run. It was through the Zellerau, then towards Heidingsfeld and back through Sanderau and the city center. The first loop had been changed. Instead of Heidingsfeld the course was through Zellerau and Sanderau. In Sanderau it was a huge loop. After that part, it was a zigzag through the city center. The second loop was changed slightly to the old course. Just a few parts in Sanderau and the city center had been changed. One thing is for sure – the course was more difficult than the old course. Especially the first loop was quite hard. Besides the up and down there were some front winds which blew through the streets. Simply said, not a day for best times. Also the German championship at Marathon was just one week ago. So many runners did run the German championship instead of Würzburg.

Arrived at the finish - there was a huge buffet. Fruit, pretzels as well as a lot to drink was available. The showers where not placed at the bath anymore. Instead there was a shower tent. So the distance was much shorter. Because there was warm water, most runners preferred that kind of shower. After a long time period of waiting there was the award ceremony. First the Bavarian championship and after – well, theoretically the Franconian championship. Because there was no official from the Franconian association it was almost missed. In the end the five remaining runners where honoured by the official of the Bavarian association. The rest of the participants of the Franconian where called by him. Also not an easy job for him.

Men: Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Siparimuk Samson 2:19:19 1 Mayer-Tancic Ulrike 3:04:44
2 Renault Niel 2:20:19 2 Pullins Sabine 3:08:22
3 Mannweiler Klaus 2:35:28 3 Friedländer Katja 3:09:08
21 Koch Rainer 2:50:10

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