Reports 2010

Bärenfels Holy-Eve-Marathon at Neubrücke/Nahe, Germany

Like the years before there was the Holy-Eve-Marathon in Neubrücke organised by the Feller family. It was the fifth time the Marathon took place. Also it was the marathon with the worst conditions. Compared to the years before I did not arrive before the 24.12, which was the day of the race. The reason was that I was not travelling alone. When we arrived at 6am it started to rain. With it came black ice as it where broadcasted. The Fellers were just arranging everything, when we arrived. The start was replaced a few meters, so that they can use the protection of a bridge. So there was no need to build up a tent. It was not a big surprise, that many runners did not come, even they were pre signed. In the end there are more than 50 runners at the marathon track and another 50 at the 9.2km course. Because of the snow the 8.5km loop was shorted to 4.6km. So the short distance (8.5km) was getting longer. In compare to last year the course was cleaned up from snow. The Fellers had worked three days to keep the snow a way. Actually they just shovelled a small path into the snow. Even than the first two loop where hard to run. Always sliding and cracking away on the rough underground. As more loops we did, as more the way got flatten and as wider the path got. When we started at 8am to the first loop the rain changed into snow flogs. It was not heavy snow, but always a bit. Already at the beginning René Stroßny and Paul Moog went away. I followed them. After about six loops Paul could not hold the speed anymore. So I passed him at round seven. But for most of the runners it was a quiet and comfortable race. No need to run on a placement. Especially it where not conditions for a personal best. Always it was necessary to go away from the optimal course (the path) into the deep snow. It would be a big help, if there was a second path. Especially at the back and forward part of the course. Then it would be only necessary for passing to get into the deep snow. But that would be too much luxury. Thank to the shorted loop there was no need for an extra aid station. It was definitely a big help for the Fellers, working with a minimal amount of people.

After the race and a hot shower everybody met at the cinema. It was just a few hundred meters away. Sitting together and talking before we had the award ceremony. As always every finisher was honoured well.

Men: Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 René Stroßny 3:20:21 1 Carmen Hildebrand 4:16:46
2 Rainer Koch 3:24:01 2 Stefanie Krieg 4:52:52
3 Paul Moog 3:25:19 3 Petra Marton 5:02:55

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