Reports 2010

100km in Kopenhagen, Denmark

If people think runners are not addicted to the powers of nature, they are wrong. On Tuesday before the race we had a telephone meeting. We talked about the cloud of ash and the limitations of the stopped air traffic. It came out, that most of the people had a chance to use other transportation to get to there. Luckily the situation normalised until we departed. So everybody arrived as scheduled. Another point at the meeting was the announcement of a young Danish runner. He planned to run less than 7 hours. Doing that, he would minor his personal best at about 45 minutes and break the Danish record.

Some members of the supported DUV group already arrived on Thursday. Friday there was a small city tour through Copenhagen, organised by Maya Lukas. Because of here good preparations and translations there was a good basis for having a good time and an efficient race. Arriving Friday evening, the others were already sitting together to have pre race meeting. Also the new team cloths were given out. It was planned which supporter is responsible for which runners. And it was organised how to get from the motel to the start.

There were lunch boxes organised for race day, because at that early time nobody at the motel wanted to get up. Before 8am some group photos were taken. As well as a pre race meeting by the organisations. At 8am the 100km and 60km started. The start of the Marathon was later. From the start on the Danish runner ran very quick. Followed by Matthias Dippacher. Also he had some big plans for today. There were ten loops to run. The course was idyllic, but also not as easy. Some people already had some problems with the little up and downhill. There was also a part with sandy ground and front side wind. Without the wind there was nothing to blame about the weather. It had 10°C and blue sky. The sun was already very strong and some people figured that out at the evenings mirror view. Even though there was not the best conditions the Danish runner did a grandiose race. He made his pre calling true. He was followed by some Germans in placement. The Danish women where not as lucky as the men. The first three where placed by Antje Krause, Nicole Bening and Marika Heinlein. As soon as the award ceremony for women was over we went back to the motel.

Later we all met again at dinner. But nobody was really staying a long time, because everybody was a bit tired. After having breakfast at the next morning our paths split. Some took the car to get home, others waited for their flight. I stayed one more day, to enjoy Copenhagen and taking part at a volksmarch event.

Men: Women:
Place Name Surename Time Place Name Surename Time
1 Kenneth Munk 6:57:35 1 Antje Krause 8:29:19
2 Matthias Dippacher 7:15:53 2 Nicole Benning 8:38:45
3 Peter Paladan Sørensen 7:23:25 3 Marika Heinlein 9:37:56
12 Rainer Koch 8:13:46

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